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Definition of cookies

Cookies are the identifiers that we send to the hard disk of your computer through your Web browser so that our systems are able to recognise your browser and offer you certain sevices. Below are the cookies used in this website explained in detail.

Cookies used

Type of cookie Information collected Purpose Period of validity How do deactivate it
Cookies of our own Identification of the user, the session and IP. To identify the access for future statistics. 2 years. By changing your browser’s settings.
Binary information (Yes/No). To know, for example, wether the user has accepted the cookies’ warning. 1 year. You can’t, it is necessary for the web’s functioning.
Third persons’ cookies

Google Analytics

Analytic information of the visit, time, sections visited, clicks and origin sites. An analysis of the behaviour of the user in the web that allows us to improve the service. Session cookies or 2 years maximum. Installing:

Google Analytics

Third persons’ cookies

Zendesk Zopim

Information of the visit. Online chat service. Session cookies or 2 years maximum. Installing:


How to deactivate cookies in some browsers:

Usually, it is possible to stop accepting your browser’s cookies, or to stop accepting the cookies of a service in particular.

All modern browsers allow changes in cookies’ settings. This settings are usually in “options” or “preferences” on your browser’s menu. Likewise, you can configure your browser or your e-mail manager.

Below you have instructions on how to access the menu of configuration of cookies of your browser:

A continuación se ofrece orientación al Usuario sobre los pasos para acceder al menú de configuración de las cookies y, en su caso, de la navegación privada en cada uno de los navegadores principales:

  • Internet Explorer: Tools  -> Internet options -> Privacy -> Settings. For more info, visit Microsoft’s support or the browser’s Help.
  • Firefox: Tools -> Options -> Privacy -> History -> Customized Settings. For more info, visit Mozilla’s support or the browser’s Help.
  • Chrome: Settings -> Show advanced options -> Privacy -> Content settings. For more info, visit Google’s support or the browser’s Help.
  • Safari: Preferences -> Safety. For more info, visit Apple’s support or the browser’s Help.

What happens if I deactivate the cookies?

Some functionalities of the services will be disabled such as, for example, keeping identified, keeping your purchases on the “shopping cart”, etc.


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