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Autonomic Reductions Valencian Community part I

The Personal Income Tax is a tax which is partially ceded to the Autonomous Communities, and there is where they can levy more or less to the taxpayers that live in said community, just like putting their own reductions, which only affect the part of the tax that goes directly to said Autonomous Community. This is what causes that in different Communities, the final percentage levied to the taxpayer is also different.


We are going to present you the different reductions that are applied in the Valencian Community, trough two parts.

In this first part we are going to describe to you the reductions that are related to the family and its composition, which are the following:

Click on each link to see the development of each one of them.

Details like these can make a great difference in our tax statement, so make sure to know which are your rights and obligations. If you have any doubt on how these work or if you have the right to get them, come by our office in Catral or get in touch with us trough WhatsApp or calling (+34) 620 95 14 54, we will be very pleased to help you.

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