Adios Asesorías y Gestorías Tradicionales

Descubre porqué Leydacom es diferente y como puede ayudarte. Solicita información sin compromiso. Laboral, fiscal, mercantil, contabilidad, LOPD, gestoría, asesoramiento financiero, seguros.



Hi friends, the end of the year is coming and it’s time to check some matters that we have pending:

  • The training of your employees. You’ll agree with us that this is something very important for the growth of our business. In LEYDA we help you to get it for free. Consult us and we’ll report to you your available credits from the Tripartita Foundation and of their huge catalogue of courses. It would be a shame that the year finished and they expired without using them!
  • Your Income Statement. Now it’s the moment for us to study your situation to help you to make your own decision before the end of the year with the objective of taking advantage of the available tax exemptions. Avoid paying more than the necessary!
  • Financial Advice. Are you worried about your retirement? Do you take profit to your savings? Set up a meeting and we will help you obtain the most benefit of your money. Always with total objectivity and professionalism.
  • Management of communities of owners. With our new service of Property Administration we take care of your community. We commit to make the AGMs of 30 minutes maximum too. It sounds good, right? Do you want to check it out? Come to see us and we will explain it to you.

As you already know, on LEYDA we work to ensure your tranquility and we want to help you to make everything right without paying more than the necessary.

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